Daily Parking

License Plate Recognition
(LPR) Parking Meters

Park Safe’s technologies represent a revolution in parking lot management. We can provide smart technology LPR Parking meters. This will help to improve efficiency and maximize revenues.

– Includes credit card, coins & (infraction scanner optional).
– Profitability, due to the low relation of parking meters needed to control parking spaces, and to the low maintenance cost in general.
– Increase of the car park offer, due to LPR technology which enables customers to purchase ticket without having to walk back to their vehicle to display the ticket.
– Rate changes available within 24 hours at no additional cost.

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Pay by

Paying customers can choose to pay for short term parking via our parking lot payment terminals or via their smartphones. Park Safe offers several payment options for your customers, including the added convenience of pay-by-phone technologies. Using a mobile app, customers can register, pay, and even extend their parking while on the go.

Pay- by-phone technologies are becoming increasingly popular with customers and provide added benefits for parking lot managers. If you’re interested in a management solution that offers great value, reach out to us for more information! Learn More

Visitor Pass

Visitor parking can be easily managed with Park Safe’s full suite of registration, validation and enforcement technologies. The ability of tracking visitors to commercial and/or residential properties is a simple and cost effective solution for parking validation.

Park Safe can provide an Android Tablet strategically located and/or a proprietary client URL link where parker vehicles can be registered upon arrival to the site. This information will in turn be available to our enforcement officers which will determine whether parkers have registered and or exceeded the duration of their maximum allowable stay. We can offer a wide range of solutions that provide a healthy balance of convenience and flexibility for your parking needs. Learn More



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