Convenient Parking
Enforcement Services

Park Safe’s parking enforcement system provide lot owners with a simplified and more robust system for validating and enforcing vehicles that have parked on lot premises. Cameras equipped with license plate recognition capabilities scan license plates on vehicles as they enter a parking lot and alert enforcement officials if they go unregistered/unpaid.

Our technology can also alert staff when vehicle parking has expired, allowing for such violators to be ticked and/or removed making room for other paying customers. Learn More

Enforcement Increases

Parking lot managers are now able to reduce costs, saving on payroll expenses, while increasing revenues through more efficient lot enforcement. Combining our technology with our monitoring systems, lots can be managed safely and securely.

Our lot-management applications allow for instantaneous scanning and validation of license plates, as well as instant ticketing when the need arises to issue an infraction, increasing the efficiency of lot management and reducing the requirement for staff. Learn More

License Plate Recognition
and Monitoring

A fleet of specially-equipped camera cars will patrol your lot on a regular basis, validating the plates on all parked vehicles, and alerting parking officers of infractions so that vehicles can be ticketed and/or towed.

We also offer towing services for many of our managed parking lots. This helps lot owners maximize revenues, by removing violators and making more room for paying customers. Learn More



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Did you know that Park Safe offers an automated enforcement system that will increase compliance in your parking lots?

Find out how our enforcement software can be integrated with our suite of parking solutions that will reduce staffing requirements and increase revenue, all by utilizing our enforcement software to increase compliance.

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