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Park Safe provides a comprehensive range of parking systems that will substantially increase the value your parking lot provides for your business and customers/clientele. By leveraging our extensive catalogue of technologies and services, Park Safe provides its clients tailor-made solutions that make parking lots easier to use for your guests, and easier to manage for your business. We specialize in using state of the art PCI compliant software technology & equipment that enables seamless entry & exit from parking lots and/or garages.


Whatever your parking needs, Park Safe has designed its integrated solutions to make parking lot management easier for lot owners, and their customers. Leveraging technology, you no longer need to endure the expense of parking lot management staff, and the losses resulting from unpaid customers. Our lot-management applications allow for instantaneous scanning and validation of license plates, as well as instant ticketing when the need arises to issue an infraction, increasing the efficiency of lot management and reducing the requirement for staff.

We are happy to consult with you regarding a perfect lot management solution tailored to meet your needs. Contact us to setup a demo today!


What follows are only a few examples of the ways that Park Safe can provide value to you and those who park with you.

– License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras and Parking meters
– GTI Handheld
– Mobile Valet
– Online Monthly Permit system
– Pay by Phone
– People Count using infrared cameras
– Tablet Guest Registration / Validation

We also offer our clients an integrated intelligent parking enforcement solution alongside our LPR system that can:

– Increase revenue
– Decrease operating costs
– Reduce down-time by using smart pay stations
– 99.9% up-time using Intelligent Integration with License Plate Recognition and e-Citations
– Safe and secure transactions



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